Karen (42)

Mum of the family, Karen, spent 5 years running an extremely popular Cake Decorating Business. This business landed in Karen’s lap after posting a couple of pictures on Facebook and the business quickly became a household name in the small town in which they live. Karen sold the business in 2015 to allow for overseas travel and is now building websites to generate an income that she can manage from anywhere in the world!

In 2015 Karen sold the business to allow for overseas travel and is now building websites to generate an income that she can manage from anywhere in the world!

Full-time travel was Karen’s idea and began while reading Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Work Week. Unhappy with working crazy hours and having no time with the kids. Karen now runs the successful blog No Set Address, and has created a community for travelling families at Worldschooling Central where she shares their day to day travel adventures and shares her knowledge with other families who would like to travel more.

Cameron (47)

As Dad of the family, Cameron spent 10 years working a FIFO job as a Chef and Camp Attendant on the Oil Rigs off the coast of SE Australia. 

When we began housesitting in Jan 2016, Cameron continued to fly to and from Australia to his job offshore, however after his contract ended in late 2016, he now travels full time with the rest of the family and is working on various streams of online income.

Cameron has been highly praised by many homeowners as he is quite the handyman and has been known to help homeowners out with completing odd jobs around the house for them. Cam loves to tinker and to fix things, so have the opportunity to do this while we travel is a win-win for everyone!

Brody (14)

“A wonderful, loving boy” is how Brody was described by his 2015 teacher in his report. Brody is a quiet kid that loves new experiences. He is very thoughtful and loves seeing how other people and cultures live.

He absolutely loves caring for animals – training dogs all over the world to do tricks is one of his favourite past times and caring for animals has been one of his favourite parts of travel!

When we took him out of school in 2016 he was a little shocked that he no longer had to go to school, but has developed a love of learning through experiences and has enjoyed exploring the world and witnessing the differences from home. He has also enjoyed taste testing hamburgers in every city we’ve visited!

Sienna (8)

Gorgeous little Sienna is the baby of the family. She is a cute little comedian who just loves to entertain. She is well mannered and is always complimented on how loving and considerate she is.

She is incredibly kind to animals and loves caring for them – she has a real maternal instinct and our housesit animals benefit from it!

Sienna loves to sing and dance! When music plays, she can’t help but dance along. She is a very happy little girl who loves cuddles and kisses and has a tendency to win the heart of everyone she meets.