We are very proud of our 5* rating as professional house sitters. We take great pride in our work and the care we take of our animals.
Please find below ALL of the reviews we have received to date. These are from various platforms, as listed with each review.


Homeowner: Nat & Wayne

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Length: 2 weeks

Date: February 2018

Animals: 1 Cockerspaniel/Poodle Cross

Platform: Trusted Housesitters

My husband and I went away for two weeks and left our precious 10 yo dog Jack, in the very capable hands of the King family. Jack is like our fourth child and we are very bonded and are therefore very careful to match the right dog/house sitters to our needs. Karen, Brody, and Sienna exceeded our expectations. Jack loves babies and up to teenagers. We came home to a very happy Jack, a Spick and span house and a happy home. Jack adores Karen and had clearly forged a very close bond with the children. He was in a funk for a week after they left. He would see children similar ages to Brodie and Sienna and become very excited, trying to get close to them for a happy reunion. Every time someone Jack loves, came to our door he would be overjoyed until he discovered it wasn’t the King family. He’d then skulk off to his bed, tail between his legs, looking very dejected indeed. Brodie even taught Jack a new trick and would do whatever Brodie asked, he clearly loved him and wanted to please. Jack would sleep with Sienna, and was in heaven with all of the love she lavished on him. They took him for walks and outings all over Adelaide, he was as fit as a puppy on our return. The Kings are a delightful family and we would love them to house sit for us again, in a heartbeat!

Homeowner: Michelle

Location: Heathcote, Vic, Australia

Length: 2 weeks

Date: February 2018

Animals: 2 Small Dogs

Platform: Trusted Housesitters

I was very happy with Karen and her lovely children. She was extremely competent in keeping my home well cared for and my 2 dogs loved and exercised daily. I think my dogs missed them a lot when the left. I came back to a lovely garden well looked after during a heat wave, lovely clean sheets on my bed, a clean and tidy home and 2 very happy dogs. I would highly recommend Karen for anyone wanting a dress free vacation knowing their home and pets were well cared for. Karen and her children would be my first go to if I go away again.

Homeowner: Jim & Judy

Location: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Length: 4 weeks

Date: September 2017

Animals: 3 Small Dogs

Platform: Trusted Housesitters

Karen, Cam, Brody & Sienna were absolutely wonderful! The kids played with our three dogs and they were so well taken care of. We’ve never had a family before and they were great. Karen is kind, compassionate and a baker! I think our two small female dogs never had their paws touch the ground in three weeks as the little girl Sienna treated them like dolls. We hope they will stay for us again in December. What trusting friends they have become. Judy Newell

Homeowner: Bill & Sandra

Location: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Length: 5 Weeks & 9 Weeks (2 Sits)

Date: Jun-Jul 2017 & Oct-Nov 2017

Animals: 2 Old Rescue Dogs

Platform: House Sit Mexico

Karen and the kids were wonderful. They were very attentive with our two old rescue dogs and took wonderful care of our home. Our home is not really set up for children, however clearly Brody and Sienna are professionals, as they took very good care of our home. We have asked them to return and housesit for 2 months over October/November.

Homeowner: Dee Dee

Location: Ajijic, Mexico

Length: 4 weeks

Date: April 2017

Animals: N/A

Platform: House Sit Mexico

Karen, Brody, and Sienna are a lovely family and we are so glad that we had the chance to meet them. They cared for our home for 4 weeks during April, and despite getting very seriously ill with Typhoid, our home could not have been better cared for. Our Housekeeper told us that they obviously tried hard to care for the home, even when sick.

Homeowner: Sara

Location: Lund, Sweden

Length: 4 weeks

Date: February 2017 to March 2017

Animals: 1 x Amstaff Dog and 1 x Cat

Platform: Trusted Housesitters

We have had the absolute pleasure having the Kings being our first housesitter family, and what a good start!

After a month abroad we came home to a happy dog and cat and a very clean house, with a wonderful dinner in the evening with our both families and another meal prepared in the fridge. Just what we needed with our jetlag after almost 24 hours of travel to come home!

As this was our first house sitting we were nervous, we knew our big puppy dog Mats could be a challenge, but Karen organized so she could come one day before the rest of the King family to get to know both Mats and the rest of the family. What a relief! Despite some protests from Mats – the watch dog (at least that´s what he thinks of himself) Karen handled him with patience, skills and perceptive, so we were convinced to relax and could continue to focus on our holiday.

Karen kept in contact regularly though messages and despite some major electrical problems in our house the Kings never once complained or grumbled. Instead they were very self sufficient and focused on solutions which made our holiday smooth and without any problems. We highly recommend Karen and her lovely family for future house sitting, and the Kings are warmly welcome back to us in Sweden!

Homeowner: Elissa

Location: Nanjing, China

Length: 5 weeks

Date: December 2016 to January 2017

Animals: 1 x French Bulldog

Platform: Trusted Housesitters

Karen, Cam, Sienna and Brody pet sat our french bulldog for 5 weeks and we couldn’t be more pleased with how it all went.

From the moment we met the King family we were at ease knowing our dog would be in great hands while we were away, he instantly loved them! Karen kept in contact regularly through videos and messages for the duration of our trip. We returned home to a happy, healthy and clean dog, a clean apartment and even a meal in the fridge for dinner.

They went above and beyond to ensure our dog was happy and comfortable whilst treating our apartment like it was their own. I know this as our dog runs into the spare room every morning looking for the kids to play with! I can’t recommend this beautiful family highly enough to sit for your home and your pet 🙂

Homeowner: Sandra

Location: Singapore

Length: 16 Days

Date: November 2016

Animals: 1 x Golden Retriever – old, blind and needing daily medication

Platform: Directly via this site (repeat sit)

Once again Karen and kids did a great job looking after both our house and our special needs dog. We were home when the family arrived to begin the house sit in November. I watched closely to see my old dog’s reaction when they walked through the door. Whiskey jumped (well flopped as old dogs do) off his bed to greet them. His tail was wagging as much as possible as he ran to the family for cuddles.

As a pet owner, there is always a concern that those looking after your animals will not treat them as well as you. Whiskey’s joy to see Karen and family was confirmation of what a great job the family does house-sitting and pet-sitting while we are away.

Once again the house was clean and neat when we arrived home. I would highly recommend this family for any house-sitting positions in the future.

Homeowner: Mark

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Length: 7 Days

Date: October 2016

Animals: 2 x Cats

Platform: Trusted Housesitters

We could not be happier in the way in which Karen, Cam, Brodie answer Siena looked after our home and our 2nd cats. Communication throughout the process was excellent and it was obvious when we met them that they would follow specific instructions regarding aspects of how to look after our house. In fact our house was in better condition from when we left it! They’d replaced two shower hoses that were in need of replacement. I would not hesitate to recommend Karen and Cam take care of your home and pets.


Homeowner:  Bill

Location: Sale, Australia

Length: 11 days

Date: October 2016

Animals: 1 x Toy Poodle

Platform: Directly via this site (repeat sit)

Everything was looked after to the same high standard that we experienced from the previous housesit. We are more than happy to have Karen and family back in the future.


Homeowner: Tiffonie

Location: Pyeongtaek, South Korea

Length: 6 Weeks

Date: September/October 2016

Animals: 1 x Turtle and 3 x Dogs – 1 x Standard Poodle, 1 x Shih Tzu, 1 Dachshund

Platform: Trusted Housesitters

Karen and her daughter pet sit my 3 dogs and turtle for over a month in South Korea. They were wonderful! My plans changed before Karen and her family arrived and my vacation unexpectedly turned into a long term trip to help my family with my mom in the US. Karen went out of her way to flex her own plans to stay longer and help get another sitter in place. I just don’t know what we would have done without her! She took excellent care of my pets and home and I would welcome her and her family back any time.

Homeowner: Hannah

Location: Kuala Lumpur

Length: 6 weeks

Date: July/August 2016

Animals: 1 x Kitten

Platform: Trusted Housesitters

We had the good fortune of having Karen and her family sit for nearly six weeks for us this summer. With a small kitten to look after our main concern was that she remain socialised with people, particularly children. Karen and family did and excellent job and Tilly has clearly been spoilt rotten. They kept us up to date with photos and messaged us with any questions or concerns they had. We even had our neighbours come and tell us what fantastic people they are! The house was cleaner than when we left and I would not hesitate in having them sit for us again.


Homeowner: Sandra

Location: Singapore

Length: 7 Days

Date: July 2016

Animals: 1 x Golden Retriever – old, blind and needing daily medication

Platform: Trusted Housesitters

Karen and the family were wonderful with our dog and looked after belongings as if they were their own. I would highly recommend Karen for any house-sitting placement. We returned home to a neat and clean house and most importantly, a very happy old dog. As our dog is old and completely blind it was very important to us to find a carer, or in this case a family of carers, to look after our Whiskey and his special needs. While away Karen sent messages to let us know of how things were going. This helped us to enjoy our holiday worry free. We met the family the day before we travelled. It was instantly clear that all the family cared about animals. Their son Brody impressed me in particular. He was gentle when he engaged with Whiskey and was interested in learning what he ate and his routine. The whole family is down to earth, warm and friendly. We consider ourselves lucky to have Karen and troops agree to look after Whiskey and our home again at the end of the year.


Homeowner: Joael

Location: Bangkok

Length: 17 days

Date: June 2016

Animals: 2 x Cats – 1 requiring medication morning and night, including an asthma puffer!

Platform: Trusted Housesitters

I was very impressed with the King family and their kindness to my two sweet cats. One of my cats is rather sickly and pines for me when I am gone, so I worry every time I leave. But, when I returned from my trip, he hardly knew I was gone! The children were so kind and affectionate to my cats and Karen was great about staying in touch with me and assuring me that all was fine. My Thai housekeeper told me that her children were “very good and polite.” I would highly recommend this family to take care of your precious pets.


Homeowner: Bill

Location: Sale, Australia

Length: 7 Days

Date: May 2016

Animals: 1 x Toy Poodle

Platform: Trusted Housesitters

We used Karen and their kids as our housesitters for a week at the end of May 2016. We were very happy with the way the home was left – the family clearly cared a great deal about the standard they maintained, and our home was left in a fantastic way. Our little toy poodle was very well cared for and on our arrival home, the whole family continued to cuddle and love her and she quite happily chose to sit with them. They had clearly looked after her well and we were thrilled to see that she was so happy to be with them. This was the first time we had used a housesitter and Karen was very accommodating – they helped us understand what information we should leave for them and their approach calmed our nerves and made the whole process very easy and stress-free. They were also very accommodating – our trip got delayed by a couple of days and the King family were more than happy to extend their stay, without any fuss at all. The children were just lovely and for anyone considering using them, I would not hesitate to recommend this family – both children were so respectful and they have obviously done this many times as they clearly understood how to behave and care for a home when housesitting. Both children asked lots of questions about how to care for our dog and were very interested in making sure she was well cared for. As mentioned, this was our first housesitting experience and we have now listed our home for another 3 occasions. We can only hope that future housesitters maintain the same standard as the King family. Thank you Cam, Karen, Brody and Sienna.

Homeowner: Jo

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Length: 3 weeks

Date: Apr 2016

Animals: 1 Labrador

Platform: Private Sit

Karen and the kids stayed and looked after our beautiful Labrador for 3 weeks in April and we were extremely happy with how we found everything when we arrived home. The house was cleaner than we left it, Honey was one very content dog and had clearly enjoyed having the kids around to play with her. They walked her regularly, collected our mail, fed our chickens, and overall took excellent care of our home and animals. We would gladly have them housesit for us again in the future.

Homeowner: Kem Kem

Location: Seville, Spain

Length: 1 week

Date: March 2016

Animals: 2 Beagles

Platform: House Sit Match

The King Family took great care of our two dogs while we were away. We had them arrive before we left and felt very comfortable leaving our two dogs in their hands. I would gladly recommend Karen and her family to anyone wanting a reliable, trustworthy, quality sitters.


Homeowner: Mel

Location: Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

Length:  25 Days

Date:  February 2016

Animals: 1 Golden Cocker Spaniel, 2 Cats, Various Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, Chickens

Platform: Directly via this site

It was an absolute pleasure having the King Family Housesit for us while we were away overseas for 3 weeks. Our family pets (dog, cats, birds and fish) and home were well looked after. They even managed to incubate our chicken eggs and revamp our worm farm! The animals were all obviously well cared for and given lots of individual attention while we were away. I would highly recommend the Kings to anybody else looking for trustworthy housesitters. We were also fortunate enough to spend a couple of days either side of the housesit getting to know Karen, Sienna and Brody as a family, and found them to be friendly, polite, respectful and willing to take on new experiences and adventures. Thank you for treating our home and animals as if they were your own.


Homeowner: Alexa

Location: Perth, Australia

Length:  25 Days

Date:  January 2016

Animals: 1 Golden Cocker Spaniel

Platform: Trusted Housesitters

Karen and her lovely family looked after my young cocker spaniel for nearly three weeks in January 2016 in Perth, Western Australia. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found such a responsible, capable, organised and caring house/pet sitter. I was quite nervous as it was my first experience with Trusted Housesitters and having someone who I didn’t know personally looking after my dog. Karen was a reliable communicator before and during the house sit, attended to everything needed and the house was in tip top condition upon returning with all our beds ready for us. My dog was very happy and had obviously been looked after well with lots of walks, outings and love. I have no hesitation in recommending Karen and her family to look after your house/pet.